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How to set-up Web Publishing

Question asked by mrsteveee on Dec 29, 2010
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How to set-up Web Publishing


Hi there:

I wish to set-up Instant Web Publishing so that other folks outside of my LAN can interact with my data.  I am using a Mac running OsX 10.6.5 that is directly connected via ethernet to my Time Capsule/Airport Extreme router that is running Airport Utility 7.5.2.  

Currently, when I click "Instant Web Publishing" from FMP I get an error that it cannot use Port 80.  I tried switching ports to 591, but that merely resulted in a long delay followed by the error "filemaker cannot share files over the web becaues of a port number conflict."  I have been reading on the forums about static IPs, but cannot find instructions how to set this up.  

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.