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How to setup Auto Start FMP Host File at Startup of Computer

Question asked by carolchansen on May 3, 2013
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How to setup Auto Start FMP Host File at Startup of Computer


I'm having trouble opening the "Host" file automatically at startup on the host computer. When I put the file in the list of "Login Items" in the admin user's account (In "Users & Groups" in System Preferences) like I have always done, a strange thing happens. 

On Login (or Restart) when I would expect it to open, the FMP icon in the dock starts jumping for attention. Not the slow bounce thats normal when an app is starting, this is the high quick bounce like when an app wants attention. At this point the file isn't open - can't be connected to from other computers on the network.

So I click on the bouncing icon in the dock, and bingo the file opens and then everything is fine. The problem is that somebody has to click on the dock icon after each startup.

I have tried checking the "Reopen windows when logging back in" checkbox in the Restart dialog.

I have tried UNchecking the "Close windows when quitting applications" checkbox in General System Preferences.

I have tried having both the Host file and the FMP app in the "Login Items" list, but that gets you the open file dialog the same as if you just started FMP without a file.

Any ideas?