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How to share FileMaker Pro database with others

Question asked by EricZhang on Jan 14, 2010
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How to share FileMaker Pro database with others


Hi all,

  I am new to FileMaker Pro. Before we invest money in this product, we want get some answers. Any help would be appreciated here. Thanks.

  Our scenerio, we have hundreds of excel sheet containing information related to each other. We want to have a centralized database for this and users (no more then 10 people) can access and update the informatio simultaneously. We are thinking convering the excel sheet into the FileMaker Pro database.


1) As I know, FMP support peer-to-peer sharing, but that is not what we want,since we can wait someone to open the database file as host and use as client.

    that being said, Can we have the created FMP database file on a network shared drive, so that every user can open that file through FMP and update the database simultaneously?


2) If 1) is not possible, whether we can buy FM Server and use the server to host the database, so that every user can open and update the same database simultaneously?


3) I am also thinking, since FMP support external database source. Can we convert the excel sheet into a external database, and then every user use FMP to open and update the same external database simultaneously? This way, we can get away with not buying the FM Server.


 Thanks a lot again.