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How to show changes?

Question asked by JoTaylor on Jun 6, 2013
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How to show changes?


     Hi there

     Very new to Filemaker and wondering if anyone can help? How do I export my records into Excel and make any changes since the last export really obvious? I have added a 'modification date' button so i can see the date it was modified if i select that field when exporting but i wondered if there was another way of showing the changes as it could be that i'm changing a piece of data like a mis-spelling of a name that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things yet it updates the modification date.  

     For example, i'm inputting 20 people's individual flight information and i've exported it and sent it to the transport company. The next day one persons flight changes so i want to export the list again and show this one person as being a "change to previous list" so when i send it to the transport company it is obvious to them what the changes are.

     I hope i'm making sense, any help is much appreciated!