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    How to show fields from another table?



      How to show fields from another table?


      Hi Guys, I am fairly new to FileMaker. I am working with Oracle and use PL/SQL. I am trying to populate some fields in a form, when a value is entered in another one. I have a table called Purchase Order and another one called Vendor Table. My form should fetch and show fields like Vendor Address and Fax number from Vendor table and show them as individual fields on the purchase Order form, when the user inserts the Vendor Name.I can't figure it out, how it should be done. Can you please help me with your expertise? Thanks, Megan


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          Your purchase order table should have a field called VendorID.  Your Vendor table should have an auto-enter serial number called VendorID.  You should then create a value list called Vendor and it would be 'use values from field' and you would specify using values from first field in your Vendor table.  In the left list, select your VendorID.  In the right list, check 'Also display values from' and select your Vendor Name.  Below, you would 'include all values' and 'show values only from second field.'


          Then create a relationship in your graph from Purchase Orders::VendorID to Vendors::VendorID using =


          Now, on your Purchase Order form, place your vendor name and fax number fields (from your vendor table).  Attach a pop-up value list to your Purchase Orders VendorID field (don't use a drop-down for this).  When you select the correct Vendor for this Purchase Order (using this pop-up), your Purchase Orders VendorID will fill in and complete the relationship to the Vendors table.


          When the relationship is complete, your Vendors::VendorName and Vendors::FaxNumber fields that you placed on your Purchase Orders form will fill in.  There is no need to duplicate the VendorName and Vendor FaxNumber data in Purchase Orders at all - only display it by cross-placing your related fields.

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            Thank you LaRetta for your solution. I am definitely going to use it in my project. Although my question, which I may not express very well, was not answered. Therefore I will try one more time to explain my question.


            I have a vendor table, which includes all the information about a Vendor. My fields are:












            My purchase order form has all the information about a purchase order including the vendor information.


            By selecting the name of the vendor (for which I will use your solution), I want to fetch all the rest on the information from the Vendor table and fill the fields related to vendor info.

            For example:


            By selecting the name of a vendor on my purchasing order form, I will show these fields:


            Vendor address1: Ven_address1

            Vendor address2: Ven_address2

            Vendor City: Ven_city

            Vendor State: Ven_state

            Vendor ZipCOde: Ven_zipcode

            Vendor FAX: Ven_fax

            Vendor phone: Ven_phone

            Vendor E-Mail: ven_e-mail


            I am trying to help the user with typing in to much information. In addition to that want to use the information that I already saved in the vendor table.


            I hope I explained my question somewhat understandable this time.


            Thank you for your help,