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How To Show Records From Seven Days Back

Question asked by neilgalang on Jul 19, 2012
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How To Show Records From Seven Days Back



Our Electronic Medical Records is nearing launch, and I am in my final calculation and in need of help... So we have treatment records which capture treatment (MDS) minutes, and we need to report on two things, P1b(a) and P1b(b)

  1.  P1b(A):  the number (#) of days the therapy was administered for 15 minutes or more in the 7-day period.
  2.  P1b(B): the total number (#) of daily MDS minutes was provided in the 7-day period.

So primarily I need to

1) calculate from a Current Date, to count seven Days backward, and display these reports.

2) Given the above found set, COUNT the number of MDS minute fields that is greater than or equal to 15 minutes,

3) and the total calculation of MDS minutes in the seven day found set.


Number three is the eaiest step to accomplish, but I need to get the ball rolling by figuring out numbers 1 and 2....Will anyone be able to help me please? Thank You in Advance