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How to skip filled in field with a script

Question asked by ScottPorter_1 on Mar 1, 2014
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How to skip filled in field with a script


     Hello all, newbie here.  Try my hardest to learn Filemaker and loving it so far.  

     I wrote a time clock program to track my hours at work and need help with the scrip step. 

     I have multiple punch in/out fields as I go from job to job and back again.  I need to aggregate the times into one which I've done but my script doesn't allow me to skip a field that already has a time in it. 

     Here's my script:

     Go to Field [Work::Start Time1]

     Insert Current Time [Select;Work::Start Time1]

     If [not IsEmpty (Work::Start Time1)]

     Go to Field [Work::Start Time2]

     When I run the script both start time 1 and start time 2 get populated.  I can't figure out how to write the script to skip over an already populated field.