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    How to slide/print a Portal record?



      How to slide/print a Portal record?


      A)  I would like to print a page which will show the top-most portal record, but use the sliding/printing option so that if there's a lot of text it will all show.  FM10 doesn't seem to be able to slide/print my portal.  Is this a user error or a FM problem?


      B)  If FM10 can't do it, then I guess I'll have to use a non-portal option, and use calc fields to retrieve the top-most portal record and paste it into special fields in the current table.  What calc function would I use for this? 

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          Howdy firth,


          Dunno if it's the same in 10 (I'm on 8) but I get from your question that you expect sliding to expand the field to show all of the text.


          If that is so, ... , sliding doesn't do that.


          If your field has a lot of text, size your field to the largest you think you'll ever need (plus a little) and have it slide.


          Sliding will reduce the printed area where there is nothing to print, but won't "expand to fit".


          is this the issue?

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            Nope.  I"m trying to reduce the printed area as you've indicated.  Not working. 

            Sliding is working on the fields on regular table, but not working on the portal.

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              Did you make sure that all of the fields within the portal AND the portal itself is set to slide?

              The behavior you describe sounds like you missed one piece.


              "Unslide" everything, then select the whole shooting match and set it back to slide up...make sure you get all of the pieces.


              You didn't mention this, but if the next fields down are in another body part or footer, make sure you check "reduce the size of the enclosing part" on the Print/slide window too.

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                Portals will slide up. Fields within the portal will not shrink even if they are set to slide up.


                If you can design a layout that prints from the portal's table and pulls data from the parent table in a header or sub summary part, you'll have a much more flexible report format.

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                  That is true, but what do you do if you have information from several tables in one layout...? :(

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                    If the relationship between the tables is linear and one to many: GrandParent--<Parent----<Child, then you can still do your report as I've described. If it is not linear ( you have a parent and two different sets of children) then your database design gets more complicated. You may have to import records into a special "report" table defined with all the fields to match two or more tables so that you can import records from both tables into this report table so that you no longer have such an incompatible table structure.


                    That approach isn't pretty and there are a number of design headaches you have to deal with (much depends on your specific table structure and report needs), but it can be done.