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How to sort graph data into ascending order?

Question asked by MarkPeters on Jul 22, 2011
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How to sort graph data into ascending order?


I want to make a graph of grades (0% - 100%).  Grades should be displayed on the X-axis, and quantity of instances of that grade represented on Y-axis.  Each record has one grade entered into it.  I would like to have an area graph displayed of all grade data, as well as an indication of where the current record's grade sits on that graph.  

The closest I can get to this is:

Use Data From: Current Found Set

Horizontal (X) Axis: Grades Field

Vertical (Y) Axis: Count (Grades Field)

...this does not display the "indicator" of the current grade's record.  If I use the other "Use Data From:" options (I.e. related records), it ONLY shows the data form the current record (and not the entire set).  

Also, the Y-axis does not recognize the whole set.  It displays grades in chronological (not ascending by value) and when a grade is repeated (75%), it creates another X-axis value 75%, rather than increasing the first 75%'s Y-value to 2.