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    How to split a field into two fields?



      How to split a field into two fields?


      I am translating my databases from SuperBase to FileMaker 11. Due to the space constraint (I originally used SuperBase on Amiga computers) the STATE and ZIP are in one single field. I normally export the SuperBase file either in DbaseIV or Excell format and then import them into FileMaker. Is there a way to extract date from my STATEandZIP field and have it create separate STATE and ZIP fields in FileMaker?

      Thank you:   DrG

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          Back up first, of course.  Place your cursor in the new State field and run Replace Field Contents by calculation.  Calculation would be:

          LeftWords ( Field ; WordCount ( Field ) - 1 )

          Zip (which should be text) would be:

          RightWords ( Field  ; 1 )

          ... of course replacing Field with your actual field name which holds the full state/zip string.

          NB: This wouldn't necessarily work for addresses outside of US (Canada, for instance, uses alpha-numeric zips).  And I didn't assume that the state would be two-character either ... it will account if it is spelled out such as South Dakota (since you didn't specify the actual data).  :^)