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    How to store deleted records



      How to store deleted records


      I am continuing to work on my electronic anesthesia record.  Here is a problem.  I have been very good about separating out fields into tables and tying them all together via key fields.  However, when a user wants to delete a patient record, they usually want to archive it rather than delete it completely, and I now have the problem of moving all of the data for that deleted patient, stored in about 50 different tables, into something that I can use to reconstruct the record. 

      What is the best technique to do that?  Should I create a layout starting with PATIENT, and put all of the related fields on it (a bazillion), and then export it to a deleted or archived records file?  


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          The simplest might be to just mark the parent record as "deleted" by changing the value of a field defined for that purpose and design your user interface to "hide" the deleted records from the user's view.

          Otherwise, you are looking at replicating your entire data model--possibly with some simplifications or you may be able to "flatten" your data, and importing multiple sets of records into that copy of your system prior to deleting the actual records from your main system.

          The two options are not mutually exclusive. You can initially "mark" the records and then, late at night, a server scheduled script can archive and delete all records marked that day or all records more than X days old.


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            This worked great, Phil.  Once you mentioned it, I remembered seeing it used before.  Thanks!