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    How to structure a daily student update DB



      How to structure a daily student update DB


      Quick/simplified senerio.

      Have a table with a list of student (problem children). We track the current status of each. For example (on medications, needs extra supervision.....) We have a list of these. I was thinking of a table with a field for each (maybe just a check mark). The types of reports I need are for example, history of when each status change, current status.

      My question is sould each status change require that each field be copied or can updates only change on field. Not really sure how best to do this.I am even having a little difficulty explaining so I hope this makes sense.



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          I'd use at least two tables:


          Students::StudentID = Needs::StudentID

          Then make each entry on your list a record. This gives you more flexibility as you can have a long list of needs for one student and a shorter list for others.

          A portal to Needs can be used to display all the Needs records and you can use a portal filter to control updates to this list if you want to retain previous "Needs" lists for your records. A text field can be formatted with a drop down list of the needs you might choose for a given student.