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How to sum VAT when there are more then one percentages

Question asked by fabiuz on Jan 21, 2014
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How to sum VAT when there are more then one percentages



     I have spent the last week thinking and trying about how I could solve this question: I have one invoice table and one invoiceRow table.

     I am able to insert invoices items in rows and I can get the invoice total with VAT and without VAT.

     My problem happens when I try to find a way to sum distinct values for different VATs listed in the invoice rows.

     For example an item could have VAT at 4%, one 10% and two items 22%.

     At the end of my layout I need to have the vat list and the single sums:

     2% Euro 0,34

     10% Euro 1,5

     22% Euro 13,4


     I have tried to make a selfjoin of the invoiceRow table by using the invoiceID and the VAT fields, in this way I am able to create one more calculation field into invoiceRow table:

     Sum ( invoiceRow_currentVatPercentage::vatAmount )

     where vatAmount is: price*vatPercentage


     Now I can see the sum of the single VAT on each invoice row but I don't know how to capture such information in my layout: I cannot know how many different percetages will be listed.

     Could anybody give me some suggestions?

     I can eventually publish a demo database somewhere if needed.