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How to summarize summaries?

Question asked by WF7A on Sep 5, 2014
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How to summarize summaries?


Hi, all:

I feel silly--I should know how to do this but just can't remember; I tried looking it up but to no avail. *sigh* Please refer to the attached.

What I want to do is total the count of a sub-summarized heading. (There are multiple headings for this report but I only included one here.) Here's a breakdown:

As you can see in the top part of the attachment is the data: 23 records of Content Specialist and 7 records of CS1.

In the middle is the layout. In the SubSummary section, Count is a Summary field (count) of Indicator__lxn (summarize individually); its name is Count__lxs.

As you can see, in Preview mode so far so good--the numbers portray their respective counts correctly. But, what I want is a summary of the count so it would show 30 underneath the Count__lxs file (in its own SubSummary section, of course).  I don't want to use Grand Summary since I want to total each heading's totals the same as this heading's.

TIA for your help!