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    How to summarize value list?



      How to summarize value list?


      I would like to advice on this solution. I am creating a form for sales calls with a field with 10 multiple values with check boxes.

      Doesn't need, Too expensive,  Follow Up, etc ... What I would like to happen is as every box is checked the result goes into a text  field that can then be  exported to excel.

      I know I can create single fields and string them together although I haven't been able to figure out how not to show the comma when a result isnt selected. example;  Loved & "," & dislikes & "," & follow up.

      Preferably would like to have one field with multiple check boxes and a summary of the results in a text field.

      I couldn't find any post for this but somehow I feel it must be done all the time.

      Thanks for guidance.


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          The selected values in a check box formatted field are stored as a list of values separated by carriage returns. If we just replace the returns with commas, we'll have your list:

          Thus a calculation field such as:

          Substitute ( CheckBoxField ; ¶ ; ", " )

          Should give you your comma separated list.

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            Fabulous works like a charm Thank you!. 

            since I am using this in my iphone and limited space how would I take to the next step which is

            When  say check box 1 named "cost"  is checked  a more detailed description can be looked up ? I would love to abbreviate my value list descriptions and have more information inserted in the calculation field. I tried using a value list from another field but this gives me the full description next to the check box.

            Thanks for direction.

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              Someone may chime in with a better idea, but I think you'd need either a separate calculation for each value or you'd have to separate your check box group in to separate fields--possibly in a related table so that you can use a portal to display them in a group. Then you could set up a lookedup value setting on the portal records to copy the full description over from yet another related table.

              The list function can then pull your individual selections back into a combined list.

              List ( PortalTable::DescriptionField ) would compute the same list format as our original check box field and this expression:

              Substitute ( List ( PortalTable::DescriptionField ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

              Will subsitute commas for returns.