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    how to tab out of a text field ?



      how to tab out of a text field ?


      I'll agree right off this appears to be a silly subject, However it's so innocuous I can't find an answer (for obvious reasons searching is getting me nowhere). The answer may lie in How to turn off the tab character/action.

      I have text fields and work mostly on a MacBook. In entering text, Return starts a new line. This is useful. So I want to be able to use the TAB key to leave the field and move to the next one.  Right now, if I hit TAB I get a Tab space. There *has* to be a way to make this work (otherwise what use is the tab order half the time) and it's driving me crazy that i can't find it!

      thank you all of you good and helpful people.

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          Default behavior for you field should be for Tab to move the cursor to the next field in your tab order.

          This is controlled by the Inspector's Behavior section located on the Data tab. Enter layout mode, select your text field and then see what check boxes are selected here. You can set up  Tab, Return (Qwerty section Return key on windows), and/or Enter ( Numeric keypad return key in windows) to be the "next field" key for your layout.

          What field is the "next" field is controlled by the Layout's tab order and you can use Set Tab Order.. in the Layouts menu to modify the layout's specified tab order.

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            Sigh.. Okay I understood that and had implemented it but was convinced that it wasn't working. Possible that a duplicated layout lost a setting, or I was recreating fields I had set previously without reviewing all items ... (It's gotten a bit messy around here).

            Is there any way to set universal defaults for Inspector settings? So that when you make an exception - color or type for example, it isn't carried forward or doesn't reappear later. Ah well, just me in the weeds of details.