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How to test scripts while preserving data

Question asked by wladdy on Apr 12, 2011
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How to test scripts while preserving data


What are the best practices to develop and test scripts using data altering commands such as 'Set field'? Unfortunately, the option to undo easily whatever a script did to the data does not seem available (if it is, please let me know).

So far, I have had the following ideas:

- add a few dummy records on which to perform the tests.
Cons: in the case of potentially complex text fields, a few records might not reflect the diversity of the data

- use 'Show custom dialog' to preview the results of a calculation before giving it the power to actually change data
Cons: text format (bold, italics, etc) is not shown in the dialog box

- copy the entire database
Cons: unpractical

I would be most interested in reading the thoughts of FileMaker developers on the question. W.