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How to update DB for standalone FMP Clients?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Nov 12, 2014


How to update DB for standalone FMP Clients?


Say you distribute a standalone FMP application and you update the versions from time to time.

I'm wondering what's the best way to update the user's data when you distribute the new version of the standalone application - since any update of the FMP 12 file would overwrite what he has.

One solution would be to store the data on a server somewhere and just use that remote data. I've tried this, but it can be quite slow for large tables. Possibly another solution would be to sync somehow or build custom update routines (if the user sent you his current FMP12 file).


FMP Server would be the optimal, but with the now IMHO ridiculous concurrent connection licensing "model" ($$$), it's a no go for all the developers I've spoken to.


In any case, look forward to any and all suggestions.


-- m