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How to update file path location?

Question asked by MegKennedy on Mar 11, 2014
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How to update file path location?


     -Working from a network, approximately 12 individual workstations connect to FM via this network.

     -Recently upgraded to FM13 and in the process moved FM13 server to a new server (new IP address) to alleviate larger space issues.

     -In doing so, copied all corresponding data files (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .docx, etc.) to same new server. Old server still intact with duplicate data files.

     -Downloaded FM13 to personal workstation and can launch old files because old server still functions, but cannot launch newly created files saved to the new server because FM cannot find the file via the current file path.

     -How do I update the file path locations?

     -For what it's worth, I've reviewed the following materials, but neither resolved the file path problem: and

     -Is this a script issue?

     Thanks in advance!