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    How to update file path location?



      How to update file path location?


           -Working from a network, approximately 12 individual workstations connect to FM via this network.

           -Recently upgraded to FM13 and in the process moved FM13 server to a new server (new IP address) to alleviate larger space issues.

           -In doing so, copied all corresponding data files (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .docx, etc.) to same new server. Old server still intact with duplicate data files.

           -Downloaded FM13 to personal workstation and can launch old files because old server still functions, but cannot launch newly created files saved to the new server because FM cannot find the file via the current file path.

           -How do I update the file path locations?

           -For what it's worth, I've reviewed the following materials, but neither resolved the file path problem: http://www.filemaker.com/13help/en/html/create_db.8.42.html#1087742 and http://www.filemaker.com/11help/html/odbc_ess.20.3.html#1027612.

           -Is this a script issue?

           Thanks in advance!

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               And what file paths do you need to update? Are these the file paths found in "store by reference" container fields?

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                 Honestly, I have no idea - I am very much out of my element in the world of database development. All I know is that there is something written into the database that launches a file from its location on the old server. I need it to now launch from the new server. See attached image. The file "24748.pdf" is saved in the folder "M1-29999." A copy of this folder and its contents (including file "24748.pdf") are currently stored on our old and new server. I need it to direct to the new server as the old server will eventually be phased out. How/where do I go to change the file path? Or in layman's terms, I need to tell the database to launch the file from a new location; how do I do this?

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                   Then you will need to get with someone who understand FileMaker and is able to access your database with full access privileges so that they can find out. There is more than one way they might have implemented this feature and thus the steps to update the file references could differ.

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                     Can you say more about what you mean by "Are these the file paths found in "store by reference" container fields?" I know enough about database development to be dangerous and was hoping to remedy the issue without third party assistance, but there may be no avoiding it.

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                       A container field can store a physical copy of a file or (in fileMaker 12/13) one of two different types of references to a file located somewhere else. In older versions only one method exists for storing a reference to the file. If you insert a file into a container field, there's a check box that you can click that reads "store a reference". If you select that option, the file path to that container field is inserted into the container field.

                       With FIleMaker 12 and 13, you can still use the "by reference" option, but now you also have the option to use external storage with a container field. With this option, you insert a file without selecting "store a reference" and FIleMaker then copies the file to a specified external storage location and updates the container field to have a reference to this external location. The advantage to this method is that you no longer have to share a directory and map/mount that directory in identical fashion on each computer. Cross platform issues that require different file paths for Mac and Windows are also avoided with this method.

                       So it is possible that there are container fields somewhere in your database where files were inserted "by reference" in order to make them accessible to your users. If so, then a script can be used to update the file paths in these fields to refer to the directory on your new server. Replace Field Contents can be used to modify the filepaths in those container fields just as though the container fields were text fields instead of container fields.

                       For more on file paths and container fields, see this thread and the exploration file that you can download from it: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts It provides a way to actually see the type of text inserted into a container field when you use the "store a reference" option.