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How to update record based on information in current layout ?

Question asked by MandeepLehal on Apr 22, 2011
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How to update record based on information in current layout ?


Hello experts,

I wanted to find easiest way of updating rows of certain table based on current displayed data

For example I have two tables


client ID client name ssn dob
001 John doe 1112223333 10/10/1976
002 Jane smith 222334444 10/1/1980
003 Maria S 333445555 1/1/1970


clientid progress Id Progress notes date Goal
002 1 First session 1/1/2011 check health
002 2 second session details 1/31/2011 Follow up
001 1 First Session for Client 3/2/2011


002 3 Thirds session for this client 4/1/2011


I have layout where Progress Notes are displayed for a particular client. I wanted to achieve following

1. Current view should show me all the Progress Sessions for a given client. 

2. When I click on add new record, it should go to progress table and read the last progress ID for a given client and increment the progress

The goal is to increment progress ID only for the relevent client, in above example client 002 visited twice and it had two progress sessions.

Sorry for the long post, I am fairly new to the concept of Relational DBs and Filemaker!

Thanks for your help!