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    How to update Value List item



      How to update Value List item


      I've updated an item in a value list but the update is not reflected in record values.  The field being used is a drop down, consisting of the value list.  When I click this field on an existing record, I can see the new value as an option.  But the record still uses the old value.  If I select the value option, it will update the record.  However, I don't want to go through every record and change them one by one.  Is there a more efficient way to handle this?

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          Think of a value list as a data entry assistant, once an item is selected it stays in the field until replaced by another data entry. Changing the item on the value list is just for future selections, it has no affect on previous selections. If you have a lot of entries to correct (or change) you can do a find for the original item and then do a replace with the new item. ALWAYS make a backup of the database before doing a replace.