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    how to use a database on multiple computers



      how to use a database on multiple computers


      I am using multiple premade databases on my laptop and i wanted to know when i get my ipad and or iphone how would i use the database on those devises and sync the records between them and my laptop?  I hope there is a way to do it with out having duplicates on each of the devices. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



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          FileMaker Pro can host a database so that up to 9 other computers with FileMaker Pro or iOS devices with FileMaker Go can access as "client's" of your hosted files. As long as you have a working wireless connection (3G, 4G, WiFi), your iPad and iphone users can link directly to the database and any changes made are stored back on the hosting computer instead of the iOS device.

          Many users find that they can't rely on having a good connection and at least two third party developers: SeedCode and 360works offer a synch capability that supports downloading separate copies of your database to iOS devices and then synchronizing the changes back to the original file on your computer.