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How to use a portal to create records with two references to other tables

Question asked by kenfromboston on Jul 25, 2011
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How to use a portal to create records with two references to other tables



I'm new to using portals, and I need some assistance in an interface to implement the following:

I am building a database to keep track of photographs and the people who appear in them.  A simplistic version of the tables that I've set up are:

"Documents" Table.  Fields are:


doc_id (key field)

document object (holds a reference to the image)

doc_description (description of the document)

"People" Table.  Fields are:


person_id (key field)

person_name (person's name)

"PeopleInDocs" table.  Fields are:


doc_id (reference to the document in which the person appears)

person_id (reference to the person appearing in the document)

location_description (text such as "front row, second from left")

I'm currently able to set up the portal so I can create "PeopleInDocs" records for the current record, and specify the text value of the location_description field.  After creation, the doc_id field of the "PeopleInDocs" record is also updated correctly.  But I can't figure out how (or if it's possible) to enter the person's name in the portal field.  For maintenance reasons, I don't want to have the "PeopleInDocs" records contain the actual "People" data.  Can a portal row contain a dropdown list of the people in the "People" table, so I can select one?  Should there be a script that displays some sort of dialog or prompt for a person after the rest of the data for the portal record has been entered?

Any advice is most welcome.