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How to use FIND as "or" rather than "and"??!

Question asked by ACOPcharity on Sep 28, 2009
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How to use FIND as "or" rather than "and"??!


I have 5 columns of exam grades in one of the tabs I created in a students record. Each collumnn will hold grades for different years and at the top we choose 2009 grades or 2010 grades for example to "label" that collumm. So thinking ahead, in 2010, new kids will have grades on the first column and old kids will have grades on the 2nd collum and then I want to do a find for ALL kids with grades "labeled" 2010. So I would need to do a find for first field of the first collum that says 2010 "OR" that the field on the second column is 2010. However, right now if I do that filemaker tries to find records where both first and second collum have 2010 on them since it is findind through an "AND" function as far as I can tell. So the question is how do I do finds with "OR" fundtion? I really hope I could express my predicament here as clear as possible... Thank you....