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    How To Use Web Publishing



      How To Use Web Publishing



      I am trying to publish my database to the web but it is not working.

      I have a HP Server that also is using web services so when I type in my internet IP address it shows my HP Server.  I turned off the remote access on my server and then tried but I get an error No Service.

      I have everything checked in settings,

      What am I doing wrong?

      I am using FMPro 11 Advance

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          FMPA 11 is on the server? Or another computer?

          Filemaker has a simple web server built in, simple and similar to an Apache web server. 

          If you setup IWP with the default port 80, this is conflicting with the existing active web server (unless it has been set to another port, such as 8080 or another port).

          Port 591 is reserved for the web server in Filemaker.

          If you are at the hosting computer, open a browser and go to  This is the LocalHost address.

          If FMP IWP is setup correctly on port 591, you should see your database

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            Hi David,

              I tried to use the "" on FM server to open the sample db, but it's failed. and I couldn't open admin console on local PC to manage the FM server. can you help ? or this FM Server isn't on domain issue ?