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How to Use Web Viewer?? Help!!

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Dec 30, 2010
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How to Use Web Viewer?? Help!!


I finally got brave enough to insert a Web Viewer.  I am trying to create my own URL dynamically, and it never is going to a valid website.  (by the way, it would be nice to see what the dynamically created URL is, so I might see where I have gone wrong in constructing it).

I track legislation in Utah.  Each bill can be viewed online at a consistently formatted URL.  Therefore, I am trying to allow users to view the online bill text using the Web Viewer.  The dynamic URL takes a couple fields in my table to create a viable URL.  Here is what I created:

"" & If (( GetField ( tblBills::House )="H") ; "hbillint/" ; "sbillint/" ) & GetField (tblBills::BillID)  & ".htm"

Here is what it is supposed to do:

1.  Insert the constant piece of the URL:

2.  Now I need to determine if it is a House Bill or Senate Bill, as that will change the URL.  I have combined the If and GetField functions here.  It is getting the House field (either "H" or "S"), and then is supposed to be inserting the proper next string of the URL (either hbillint or sbillint)

3.  Next I need to grab the actual bill number, so I have another GetField statement.  It should append the bill number into the string.

4.  Finally, I append the ".htm" to complete the URL.

So, for example, in my table for a specific bill, House="H" and BillID="HB0011"

The URL string I was hoping to create would be:

If you go to that URL,  you will see it the text of that bill.  Can anyone tell me where this is messed up?  Thanks!