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how to utilize filtered portal sum value

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 5, 2012
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how to utilize filtered portal sum value


PROBLEM: when viewing filtered portals ( with same filter values ) I can't seem to create a value for display and further calculation.

                          desired value    =   ( filtered sum * number from other table  )

                                                                hours times dollars


2- tables  

TODO fields;

payee_Key >      text- global, by valuelist (employee ids)  [filter]


laborers >       text-indexed {multiple values can be selected into this field via drop down list > valuelist(employee ids)}

                               (subject list filtered shows individual EMPLOYEE data)

sum_time total > time- value rendered by filtered list viewed in single line portal

                               (single line portal value SUM  representing total hours for selected EMPLOYEE)     



EMPLOYEE fields ;

 id > number-   primary parent key

 emp_rate> number-   wage


GetAsNumber ( sum_time_total ) seems appropriate first step ?

perhaps a conditional "on object modify" statement applied to ( sum_time_total ) creating a $$global ?