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How to validate a field with a date

Question asked by ChristianPinzon on Mar 20, 2012
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How to validate a field with a date


Hi, Im working on making a inventory and stock management database. I have a field where you must put the "best if sold by" date and what I want is that it has al least 2 months of freshness. So Im trying to do a validation by calculation for the "best is sold by" field, but I dont how to make the calculation... what I´ve tryied but didnt work was: s


Getasnumber (Fecha Ingreso) < getasnumber (fecha de caducidad) + 60 , but it didn´t work.

Fecha Ingreso: the date when the record was made (Auto-entry, creation date)

Fecha caducidad: "best if sold by" date (User must enter this date)


The main objetive is not to allow users to recieve product that has at least 2 months of freshness, hope someone can help... Thanks!