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How to validate unique values on import?

Question asked by Mingrl88 on Aug 15, 2012
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How to validate unique values on import?


Has anyone written an import script that involves a value list? What I mean is I have value lists coming from tables and on import I am having data imported into these tables. However, there is already data there and when the user imports the data they are likely entering in values that already exist. The only way I could find to validate a field to be unique is in the validation settings for the field iteself but then when you run the script a validation warning pops up and stops the script (and could potentially pop up many times). 


Is there a way to give an automated response to this warning message, or bypass it completely? Potentially "Set(CurrentMessageChoice)" could work if it was possible? This does not seem to be recognized as a function.

OR is there another way to validate that a newly entered field is unique that I am not familiar with?