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    how to view a entire record of a particular person



      how to view a entire record of a particular person



       this is prakash


      please any one help me


      in my application there salesman details in one table and i have salesman details layout.

      in some purchase order form i need to populate the salesman name. and i did it. if click on salesman name i want view record of salesman in salesman details record



      please how to link this .....


      please help me very urgent



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          Hi Prakash


          This can be done, what you need to have is a relationship between PURCHASE ORDERS table and your SALESMEN table by the Salesmen record ID.


          PURCHASE ORDERS       PurchaseOrder_SALESMEN

          _SalesmenID    --=--     _UniqueID 


          Then using the 'Go to Related Record' Script Step, either as part of a script or assigned to a button on your layout, and set it up to have the settings


            Get related records from:    PurchaseOrder_SALESMEN

            Show records using layout:  Salesmen Details

            Result Options: tick            Show only related records

                                                  Match current record only


          And this should do the trick.


          I hope this helps and do post if anything is unclear 

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            Having same problem as a novice in relationships. Sorry I was not able to fully understand your solution when you got to the scripting. Here's a brief outline of my problem:

            My solution is to track Properties and relate Contacts (people) that have a connection to the property e.g. owners, property managers, employees. Using an example out of the FileMaker Training Series I created a user interface with three tabs i.e. Detail, Photos/Notes and Reference. On the Detail tab I placed details about the property and also placed another tab control with two tabs i.e. List and Detail. The List tab shows all the property contacts in a portal with just contact information, phone, cell and fax numbers. I want initiate a button in the portal by each contact in the List tab that will go to a Detail tab to show all the other information e.g. mailing address, e-mail, etc. My relationship looks like this:


            PROPERTY                     property_CONTACT_selected

            kf_contactID_selected  = __kp_ContactID

            AND __kp_PropertyID  = _kf_PropertyID


            the script that I assigned to the button looks like this:


            #Set the primary key from the related contact record to the 'ContactID_Selected' field

            #_kf_ContactIDSelected is Global number 

            Set Field [PROPERTY::_kf_ContactIDSelected; property_CONTACT_Selected:: __kp_ContactID]


            #Go to the Contact Detail tab

            Goto Object [ Object Name: "Contact_Detail_Tab" 



             When I execute the button by any person on the portal the tab changes to the Detail tab but I will only get the information for the first person on the portal list on the List tab. When I put the global field in the portal, it will only show the ContactID for the first person no matter what person I selected from the list. When I put the __kp_ContactID in the portal it will also show only the first persons ContactID e.g. 73 for George and 73 for Cory instead of 73 for George and 74 for Cory.


            I suspect my relationship is not right, but I've tested several others and can't seem to get any of them to work the way the solution works in the the training series. I tried to copy the relationship and script from the series, which may be the problem.


            Thanks for your help. 



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              Thank you for your post.


              In order for the relationship to work, both the kf_ContactID AND kp_PropertyID must be the same in the related table.  Why would when you enter 73 that George shows up if the contact ID is 74?  Can you give me more information so I can duplicate the problem here?



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