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    How to view a pdf file stored in a container



      How to view a pdf file stored in a container



      I have created a container field and inserted a reference to a pdf file. I can see the file in the container and I'm aware that making the container interactive allows me to scroll through the document. However, the container is too small (I want to keep it that way) for me to actually see anything, so I was wondering how I go about having someone click on the container and have the file open up either in adobe reader or another larger window. 



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          a) a button click could open a new Filemaker window and its layout can use a large format interactive container to display the PDF

          b) If you used insert file with the "store a reference" option enabled to insert the file. You should be able to just double click the container field to open the PDF in whatever application your computer is set to use as the "default application" for opening PDF's.

          c) a script can use export field contents to export a copy of the file and open it. It's possible to export to the computer's temporary folder so that you don't leave extra copies of the PDF cluttering up your computer.