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How to view Flickr album in database

Question asked by fb1702 on Mar 9, 2015


How to view Flickr album in database


Hi everyone,

I study manuscripts and I've built a basic database in Filemaker Pro 12 to organise my notes.

I've uploaded photos of each manuscript (around 40 in total) to their own albums in Flickr. The name of each Flickr album corresponds to its name in the "Classmark" text field in my Filemaker database.

Rather than adding the photos of the manuscripts directly to Filemaker (which would make the file size massive), I'd like to add a Web Viewer so I can see the album contents, for a quick visual reminder.

However, I'm a dummy when it comes to setting up the Web Viewer - can anyone please provide me with an idiot-proof step-by-step guide? Thanks a lot.