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How to visualize a small family tree

Question asked by SamanthaTaffner on Jan 25, 2013
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How to visualize a small family tree



     I'm new to FileMaker and have limited programing exprience.  I'm unsure if I'm addressing this problem completely wrong.  Please help. 

     Is there any way to visualize a small family tree? 

     Here is my problem:  I have a Patient with X disease.  I need to ask the patient about thier family with X disease.  Family includes spouse, Siblings, children, parents, aunts/Uncles, Cousins, and grandparents.  Then I need to make a small family tree highlighting family members with X disease. 

     Here is my database structure:

     Individual table (IndividualID, dateOfBirth, dateOfDeath, Disease)

     Role table (roleCode, roleDescription)

     From that I would  like a tree to be displayed. Is this possible in FileMaker? 

     I hope this makes sense.  I had a hard time discribing it. 

     Thanks for your help.