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How translate Zotero xml output to FMPXMLRESULT xml?

Question asked by murray on Aug 16, 2012
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How translate Zotero xml output to FMPXMLRESULT xml?


I'm trying to create a databse of books based upon their ISBN's. I can get the data (author, title, publisher, etc.) by ISBN lookup and then import into the Zotero reference/notes database. And I can export from Zotero to xml, which uses:

modsCollection xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

Question: Does somebody have available already an XSLT file that will translate that xml to the FMPXMLRESULT xml grammar that Filemaker Pro requires for import? If not, how would one go about constructing such an XSLT?

Other formats in which to export from Zotero are to BibTeX, CSL JASON, TEI, among other possibilities. The same problem arises as to how to translate to FMPXMLRESULT.