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How Windows XP users can inadvertantly break your Custom Dialogs

Question asked by ralvy on Jul 10, 2009
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How Windows XP users can inadvertantly break your Custom Dialogs


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If your Windows XP users have the very popular Stardock's WindowBlinds installed (www., and they load an FMPA 10 solution that has Custom Dialogs, those dialogs might not work as expected. With some of the supplied WindowBlinds Themes (I tried Leo and Aero Metal), your Custom Dialogs will have the Close Window button in the upper right corner. If the user disables the use of "Per Pixel Borders" in WindowBlinds (System Info page in WindowBlinds), that Close button is active on all Custom Dialogs. When a Custom appears, and the user hits the Close button, the Custom Dialog closes and executes the Default button as defined by that script step. If your Default button choice is not Cancel, this can have disastrous results, as you can surmise. Placing AllowUserAbort(Off) just before the Custom Dialog step has no effect here.