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How would you design this layout?

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Sep 12, 2013


How would you design this layout?


     I need to build a layout and put a % in each field...that represents an entry  from every state to every state... Ex. From AK to AK, AL, AR, AZ... then Al to AK, AL, AR, AZ... there is a potential of 2500 entries.

     I have it broken into regions now:

                West = 11 western states.. I have one entry for a field called west to west,  not 121 entries.

                Midwest = 18 mid-western states...  West to Midwest is one entry (the field is called Midwest to west )  not 198 entries.

     I use the following script to determine the assignment of a state into a region.

     Case (

                     PatternCount ( "AZ CA CO ID MT NV NM OR UT WA WY"; Invoice::INConsigneeState); "~W";

                     PatternCount ( "IL IN IA KY MI OH WV WI AR KS LA MO OK TX MN NE ND SD " ; Invoice::INConsigneeState) ; "~MW";

                     PatternCount ( "CT DE DC ME MD MA MS NH NJ NY PA RI VT AL FL GA MS NC SC TN VA" ; Invoice::INConsigneeState ) ; "~E" ;


     This Ex above is for one customer and one vendor for that customer... each customer has 2-7 vendors, so i need a record for each customer and its subsequent vendors.

     To top it off, i need a % that represents the vendors % to me and another one from me to my customer.

     Ive uploaded an example of the way i have it broken into regions now, the far right side is cut off but you can see what i've done.