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    How would you do it?



      How would you do it?


           I have created essentially a Product Catalog that will be used on GO and on the Desktop.  I have included BOTH a wholesale and retail pricelist in each product record.  The only problem is almost all users are allowed to see the retail pricelist only and a few could see Wholesale only or both Wholesale and Retail.There are 5 or 6 layouts with buttons in the header that say pricelist and at the moment they take you to the Retail pricelist.  I thought about creating a second layout for each what takes you to the Wholesale Pricelist Layout but what if that person wants to see the Retail as well.  Is there a way to put one button on top of the other and turn it on and off based upon what????  I thought about a second database but that would be to much to maintain.  What is the best way to do this?

           Thank you

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               Treating this as a paper exercise for the moment, how do you determine who is permitted to see each price list?

               If you can set up privilege sets for each group so that you can give them accounts with a specific privilege set, you've set up the groundwork for limiting their access to only the price list(s) to which they are permitted.

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                 This app will be for many interior designers and retailers as well as sales reps.  The designers and retailers will work off the retail pricelist and I was trying to make so that they do not have to log in.  Which is how I have the security set now.  The reps need access to the wholesale pricelist without admin privledges... myself need full access.

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                   But if you do not require them to log in, how will you identify who needs to see which list?

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                     Forgot to add that my concern is also the 5 or 6 layout swith the button going to the right pricelist.  Myself I work with the stores and I need the wholesale pricelist and I work with the designers and I also have to quote retail prices.  There are approx 250 pricelist pdf pages for wholesale and the same for retail.

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                       yes you are right.... I guess i can have the retail people sign in as guest and leave the password blank

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                         If you are using FileMaker Pro to access a hosted database (not IWP), you can issue different users different "opener" files. These opener files can open the hosted file with a password installed in the opener file. The user just double clicks the file and it opens.

                         Whether or not you use that method, the privilege sets can control access to layouts and to the tables that make up your database. Scripts can also use a privilege set name to customize the interface to suit the needs of that particular group of users.

                         There are generally two levels to access control. First the settings in Manage | Security can limit which layouts, records and other features are accessible. When a user encounters these settings, they get grey layouts with the words "access denied" or messages pop up telling the user that their access privileges do not permit that action. The second level is to design scripts to prevent the user from tripping over that limitation, thus making the interface more user friendly.

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                           Thanks Phil, I'm new at this so my plan was to be as follows.  My product catalog will change every 3 months or so.  My plan was to put the fm12 database up in dropbox and let the user copy down on to the ipad.  There probably is a better way I'm not sure.  I do not need to get any data back from the user.  So I can use a script to hide/ show different buttons on a layout based upon a user group? or do i create additional layouts with buttons going to the different pricelist?  

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                             Both options are possible and both have their pros and cons. If you are going to distribute read-only copies of your database, you can also distribute different copies of your database to different users as a way to control what data and operations are available to them.

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                               Thanks for all your help

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                                 I made a sample app fmp12 adv.  2 user accounts, test and admin with no password.   admin enables wholesale and retail price and the test user account disables wholesale.




                                 Which you could just have two different layouts, one with wholesale and retail prices and another with just retail prices, then go to the selected layout based on the user login.

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                                   Perfect....... thank you so much.

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                                     I'm trying to figure out where is logic that deals with the wholesale price being visible or not.  Also in If [DisablField::Stat, "Enabled"] why do you then in the next line Set Field to "Disabled".

                                     Also how and where would you make a button in the head part visible or not? 

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                                       I used a relaionship to disable and enable the field.  If the relationship is broke then fm disables the field.  I used a calculation to set the relation to be true if enabled.  Wholesale price uses a table occurance. 

                                       I had at first created a button to enable and disable the field.  I delete the button but not the if statement.  It was  like a toggle switch.  After I got everything working correctly I delete the switch and used the login to set the status.   While testing I didn't want to log in and out every time so I used a button.

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                                         You should also see this info in FileMaker help:

                                         See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.