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How would you go about

Question asked by JaimeHorton on Oct 15, 2013


How would you go about


     Ok guys 


     here's what i'm trying to do

     and i have a decent start already set up. i am making a database for concert production. it all starts with a confirmation sheet. once this sheet if filled out i want to be able to click a button and have it display a form that has a condensed printable version of the info. this can then be printed to paper or saved as a pdf. it would have show info like door times and show start ticket prices ect ect. i think i'm close by setting up another layout that is formatted to print nice and has slide up options selected so that field that are empty don't print. while most users look for a list report, that doesnt do me much good. im needing single page layouts with lots of merge fields formated into a style 

     hope that makes sense 


     also i attached a photo of my form setup. i'm getting this white line that i cannot get rid of. this gets bigger or smaller based on how i'm adjusting the footer and body. and if it gets to big it adds a page 


     any suggestions on how you would do this 

     and thanks again