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HTML coding in the web viewer: Text and Margins

Question asked by KristofJanezic on Mar 21, 2014
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HTML coding in the web viewer: Text and Margins


     I need to display text from a field in a web viewer and have it formatted in the same way as some of my other objects in the layout. I have done almost everything with this, but have hit a stupid brick wall. I'm not sure if it's the way FileMaker reads the calculation and inserts it into the web viewer but I'm having trouble making the font smaller than the current size (needs to be 6pt) and would love for it to be as high in the web viewer as possible. I have tried many different ways of manipulating text sizes, but nothing seems to work. If you know HTML and FileMaker then your help would be greatly appreciated.


     Here is the calculation inserted into the web viewer. I have successfully changed the background and the displayed text based on the fields in the FileMaker table. But changing the font size to be small enough has been challenging. Can the web viewer just not show custom HTML text that small? And bringing the text to the top of the web viewer is bringing me down.



     <p><body bgcolor=" &
     Gel Reference::Frame 1 Hex & ">
     <p><font style='text-transform: uppercase;'>
     <p><span style=" & "\"background-color: #FFFFFF\"" & ">" & 
     "F1: " & Show Setup::Frame 1 & " " & 
     </font style>


     Thank you for anything you can help with!