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HTML editing field contents in filemaker

Question asked by webstoreowner on May 17, 2010


HTML editing field contents in filemaker


Can anyone suggest a way of setting up layout field to allow HTML editing?


Essentially, I need users to be able to apply html formatting to the text in a field (bold, bulleted lists, text color and size, etc.) I would like to do this on  a local copy of the filemaker database and its layout (avoiding the use of filemaker server or having to publish my db online to use WYSWYG editors such as tinyMCE.


A bit of research suggested I could use the filrmaker formatting controls and use getAsCSS(FieldNameHere) to style the text. However, a look at the filemaker formating controls (unless I'm missing something) only allow font size, paragraphs alignment and bold/underline. There are no controls for bulleted or numbered lists, etc.


Any advice greatly appreciated. I am open to plugins, coded solutions, etc basically any ideas you may have.