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    HTML emails and metrics



      HTML emails and metrics


      I am wondering what FileMaker Pro's capabilities are when referring to developing, managing, creating and reporting on an HTML email campaign from start to finish.  

      Can FileMaker Pro:
      1.) Manage Lists of 10-20 thousand names of emails
      2.) Allow us to develop an HTML email (image rich) campaign IN FileMaker (similar to what MailChimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact offers)
      3.) Send to particular members of our 10-20 thousand names in our database 
      4.)  Auto-populate metrics from the email campaign (such as who received this email, who opened it, what they clicked on...) so we can pull up a particular contact and see if which campaigns they received, which they opened etc.
      5.) Create reports of this data
      6.) Manage Unsubscribes
      7.) De-duplicate all of our contacts in our lists 
      I am wondering if FileMaker Pro has these capabilities and if it does how does this work?
      Thank you. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          1. Yes, FileMaker Pro can handle/manage lists of 10-20,000 names.  Recently, a file was sent to me with 8,000,000+ records.


          2. FileMaker Pro will NOT develop an HTML email.  There are third-party plug-ins that will allow rich text formatting when sending emails.


          3. Yes, you can find a subset of records and send emails to only that subset.


          4. This is a loaded question.  You can definitely create a log of who was sent an email message.  However, FileMaker Pro does not have the ability to see who has opened it.  If they click on something that is registered somewhere, then if that data can be exported to a text file, FileMaker Pro can import it and update the record.


          5. Yes, there are many types of reports, including summarizing by a group or for the entire found set of records.


          6. I'm not sure what you mean my unsubscribes.  Is this by email?  By web site?  If by email, then you'll need a plug-in to capture that data and import into FileMaker Pro.


          7. Yes, you can "De-duplicate" the contacts, but you need to specify what you need to de-duplicate.  For example, "J. Smith", "Jon Smith", "Jonathan Smith" may all be the same person, so you'll have to create the criteria to determine which is correct.


          If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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