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    HTML Formatted Email



      HTML Formatted Email


      Anyone have any idea how to generate HTML formatted emails with FMP data.


      Think of ITunes invoices. HTML, but not received as an attachemnt, rather it is just displayed as formatted text.


      No plug-ins please...

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          Unfortunately, not possible without a plugin.

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            i disagree, mon amie! If you run FileMaker on a Mac at least you have been able to fully solve this issue for years via Xmail and Applescript. I've finally provided a demo that makes this easy via a custom function (it caused me a lot of frustration in the original making within FileMaker 5!).

            Check: HTML email within Mac OS X Filemaker using Applescript & XMail

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              Madmimi.com allows 100 email addresses with unlimited send options for free.

              MailChimp.com allows 1000 email addresses with 6000 emails per month for free.

              Both will track the compaigns and provide feedback, with unsubscribe options.

              This was created with Madmimi


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                You can do it, but you have to undermine the best efforts of Filemaker which seems designed to stop us. 

                Although you can add html codes to a message, Filemaker makes this into plain text, so even if you add MIME coding, it is ignored. 

                The workaround is to send email via an email client which isn't strict about MIME coding, like Eudora or Thunderbird.

                Eudora 6 is best because you can set it up to run without needing to confirm anything. 

                I don't think you can use Outlook - this doesn't understand the HTML code outside the MIME coding. 

                You can use Thunderbird or Eudora OSE (based on Thunderbird) but you have to manually click Send for each message. 


                Set up filemaker script

                In the script, use Send Mail and "Specify"

                - select "Send via: E-mail Client

                In the Message section, use something like: 

                Database::Email Header
                     & "<BR>" & "<BR>"  
                     & "<BR>" &  "<BR>" &
                Database::Email Message
                     & "<BR>" &  "<BR>" &
                Database::Email Footer

                In the fields for Header & Footer you can put HTML coding such as: 

                Header code

                <HTML><BODY><img  src="http://www.domain.com/logo.gif" >

                Footer Code

                <br><font size=1 color="#800000">Contact address etc </font> </BODY></HTML>

                Set up Eudora 

                Outlook insists you verify each email but in Eudora you can turn this off:

                - in Tools > Options > Automation:  tick Automation, and untick Warnings

                - when the first emails are sent, you will still be warned. Tick "Not again" and Yes to check it

                  (if you say "No", it will warn you again and again till you say Yes)

                - make a filter set to Outgoing to move your bulk emails into a folder

                - turn off the default signature on the default personality, else this will add to each email

                If you get "No Profiles Created" message

                Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs and change  the default Email client from Outlook. 

                Then restart Filemaker

                Filemaker Script

                A couple of things which might trip you up: 

                - tick "run without dialogue" cos this stops Eudora opening each new email ready to be Queued.

                - before the Mail command, move the cursor to a new location, to make sure the latest edited field is saved.

                Hope this helps