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HTML image catalog

Question asked by macmesser on Jun 8, 2013
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HTML image catalog


     I have an image database of JPEGs of varying objects, each object defines a record and is identified by a unique ID#. Each object may have more than one image, numbered 1 for the most definitive image, 2 for an increased level of detail, 3 for more details, and so on up to the most detailed view (maximum 8 images). I am using two tables to express this database, an "Object" table each of which's records contains the unique ID# for the object and various informational fields describing it, and an Images table each of which's records contains the unique ID# from the Objects table, a container field containing the image, and a View# field containing an integers from 1 to 8 which indicates the level of detail (8 being highest). These tables are related by ID#.


     I want to generate HTML pages which will have thumbnails for however many views there are which will serve as controls to display a large version of whichever image the thumbnail corresponds to. I pretty much know how to do this with layouts, at least in terms of getting the right information displayed on the layout. I have some questions regarding genertaing HTML pages with the images.


     First, do I want to store the image in a container field or store the filepath in a text field for populating the source attribute of HTML image tags? As I said, I have one large JPEG for each image which is suitable for zooming in. I would need to generate thumbnail and medium sized images and I'm wondering if I should just generate the different sizes in an image editor at the outset or would storing the large image in a container field make it easier to reuse the image at different sizes in output HTML. Any insights into these issues would be appreciated.


     Second, I know a little PHP, probably enough to get by at making image displays in HTML with Filemaker CWP. Where can I find out how to use the PHP in making custom web pages?


     Thanks for any insights.