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    html like "tags" summary



      html like "tags" summary


      I'm making a visually engaging summary report. And I want to create a box that has a bunch of text from the ::tag field of related records. I'm not concerned if there are repeats. The contents of the ::tag field are single words separated by commas, so each record will have multiple words. How can i grab all of that and put it into one box? And is it possible to toss in some random font size and/or font types? It would be something like the "concatenate" function in excel.

      This is more decorative than informative, but still informative.

      Here's a mediocre example.


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          Wow, so you want a WordPress tag cloud in a FM solution basically. No idea how but I wanted to subscribe, I can't wait to hear Phil's ideas on this one, interesting.

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            is that what those things are called? hahaha, i couldn't figure it out. thanks!

            One idea I have is to use a loop to copy and paste from all the ::tags field into one field. And just try to apply random font sizes afterwards.

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              Substitute ( List ( RelatedTable::Tags ) ; [ ¶ ; " " ] ; [ "," ; " " ] )

              Will turn carriage returns (added by the list function) and commas into a single space character. That will allow you to combine the text of multiple related records--which I think is what you asked for here.

              To get different font sizes for different items, the simplest, is to select the text in its tag field and apply a font size to it. If that won't work, you may need to define a calculation field that applies a text size to the tags field and replace the reference in the above calculation with a reference to this calculation field.