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Huge filesize even when empty

Question asked by andoodle on Sep 5, 2014
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Huge filesize even when empty


I was helping a client out with a database tweak, and created a new layout. I wanted to email it out to him so I could copy paste the layout (we were screen sharing).

I quickly realized the database was ~180mb. I deleted everything except the layout and the 2 tables i needed, with about 15 records in one table, and 2-3 in the other. Filesize was still 100mb (the other tables were big and had upwards of 30,000 records).

Perplexed, I deleted all the scripts, all the value list, and set all the themes to the most basic possible. Barely any change in filesize. I tried save as compact, and it brought it down to ~90mb. 

Frustrated, I deleted EVERYTHING. User accounts, value lists, layouts... There's just nothing left. Still at 87mb.

Here is the DDR report, I'm not used to working with them but not seeing anything obvious as to what is taking up all this room. I tried Recover, save as compact... Still nothing.

If anyone could help that would be much appreciated