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    Hung or stuck dropdowns



      Hung or stuck dropdowns


           When you use a dropdown list and format it with those characteristics, what are you dealing with when you click on it and it does not just populate the field with the choice, it just stays stuck on choice in list. I then have to click away to see it populate the field. Is this supposed to be this way?

           I am using 13 Advanced on Windows.

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               Is this the only field on the layout? Or has the tab order been removed from this layout? Did you select the arrow option for the drop down list?

               All of these details can affect the behavior of the drop down list.

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                 In this case it is the only field in a popover, however I am dealing with it on other fields in layouts that are not the only field, but I did not choose the arrow option. Thanks

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                   Pop overs are new, but I can easily replicate this behavior in a pop over I just set up for testing this issue. The issue arises when the drop down list formatted field is the only field in the current tab order. You select a value, FileMaker tries to move the focus to the next item in the tab order and since the drop down list is the only item, it comes full circle and puts the focus back in the drop down list, deploying the drop down list all over again. This happens in a blink of an eye so all you see is a drop down list that stays down until you click somewhere else.

                   There are several ways to fix this.

                   1) remove the field from the tab order. Set Tab Order is an option you can select from the Layouts menu.

                   2) use the OnObjectModify trigger to put the focus on something else using go to field, go to object or a similar step.

                   3) Use the OnObjectMOdify Trigger to do a commit records step.

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                     Your expertise and work are once again commendable. I had figured out the tab order fix based on your first message. It is great to have other solutions. Thanks