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hyperlink Direct to a specific record and view on IWP?

Question asked by jonnyt on Mar 3, 2009
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hyperlink Direct to a specific record and view on IWP?


We have a client whom we send Management Infortmation statistics to on a monthly basis.


if any of the records go outside our Service Level Agreement, we have to provide them with the history of that record to show them why we were outside the SLA.


Every month we provide them with over 3000 record so it would takesomeone a couple of days to include the history on each of the records that is outside the SLA.


What I would like to do is provide them with the Management Statistics, but using conditional formatting highlight records that are outside ther SLA automatically and then in the next column provide a web link that links directly to our IWP website that displays the history for that record.


So, to simplify the question....... Is it possible to link directly to a specific record on IWP and a specific view (i.e. our record history layout)??


If not, does anyone have any suggestions?


Many thanks for your kind help.