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Hyperlinked Repeating Field

Question asked by Dekade on Apr 14, 2015
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Hyperlinked Repeating Field


FM PRO ADV 10.3 - I am not an everyday user of FM thus my reason for not knowing exactly how I can achieve the following.

Back, a while ago, when I was using FM Pro 6 or 7 I had a field that, I if I remember correctly, was a repeating field. The field also had its own scroll bar. The field displayed/listed all of the 'records' per the database. You could click on any one of the records' name and be taken to that record.

I know fully well that I can duplicate this process via a portal with a 'go to' button. However, I like the concept of just the 'name' of the record being somehow hyperlinked so that when clicking on the name I go right to the record. I don't want the action of 'go to record' to be done via a button - I want to just click on the name, in the field list, to go to the record.

Could the forum please help me achieve this concept?