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Hyperlinking email addresses

Question asked by beatle20359 on Mar 12, 2009
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Hyperlinking email addresses




I am trying to create a global telephone list for the company I work for. Previously each office has created their own list in either Word (shudder) or Excel but it would be nice to have all this information in one place hence moving it to a DB. So I bought FMPRO 10 server and currently use FMPRO 9 on the mac with it. Database programming is not really an area I have much experience in but I am trying to learn it.


The problem I have is as follows.


I wrote the phone list database to have name, lastname, job title, office, extension, direct line, mobile number and email address. I export the telephone list into an excel file and export another copy as an HTML table which I can paste into the Intranet that i created based on Apple's Wiki server in 10.5. Everything works with the exception of hyperlinks for the email.


The wiki server from Apple doesn't allow hyperlinking in tables unless you edit the HTML which is a long and dull process when you have 300+ staff. In Excel 2008 I can find no easy way to create hyperlinks in the exported column except copy an email address delete and paste it back which then creates the link. 


Is there an easy way to create the hyperlinks in filemaker or to get filemaker to create hyperlinks during the export of the data?


Thanks in advance for any help