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    Hyperlinks in Filemaker



      Hyperlinks in Filemaker


      Hi there.


      Does anybody know a way to create in Filemaker clickable links within text fields, that start a script? So far, when I go to a related record, I have to put extra buttons besides the fields; what I have in mind is a more HTML-like approach to go to related records.


      I've played a little with the webviewer. It is possible to have a text field with all the html tags (like <a href="http://www.filemaker.com">Filemaker</a>), and I wonder if it is not possible to start something from there... or would script triggering help...


      :) Mike

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          In layout mode , right click on field or object, make it a button

          command = Open URL [http://www.filemaker.com]



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            Hey Robert,

            Thank you for your answer; but I don't want to make a whole object or a whole field clickable (that's easy), but only certain words within a field.

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              Jens Teich
                 Right click the url and you will a find a possibility to follow the link.

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                Thank you, Jens, but it seems my initial post was not precise enough:


                What I am looking for is a hyperlink- / website-like way to start scripts (here: open records) by clicking on single words within a text field (or a webviewer, whatever works best). I don't want to open a URL and go to a website.


                My database is a kind of a "reference database" and contains encyclopædic entries. Some of the records refer to other records. So far, I have a portal next to the describing text field that shows the related records. However, it'd be much easier if people would not need to scroll up and down the portal; instead I want them to be able to simply click on the name which then opens the referred record in a new window.

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                  Jens Teich
                     This is IMHO impossible.


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                    Hey Jens,


                    Thank you. As it is really hard to find anything about this topic I guess you're right, there is no "direct" solution (otherwise it would have been mentioned already somewhere else).


                    However, it seems like it works with a script trigger. I found a source on the web that offers a solution, but you need to use a script trigger plugin: How to create clickable hyperlinks within a text field Looks quite promising!  http://blog.myfmbutler.com/?p=58

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                      Actually you can do it without a plug-in.


                      By using the List() function in combination with a few scripts.


                      Drawback is you need to click the 'hyperlinked' word and a button to activate the final script.


                      Even in FM 7 and 8, where there is no List() function, it is possible using a Custom Function to mimic the List() function.

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                        Hey, Thanks for your answer. This sounds interesting! Could you go a little further into detail?


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                          It is based on the List() function.


                          Because we have several users who are still on FM7 and 8, versions without List() function, we have a CF that mimics the function.


                          One table holds the words and acts as a dictionary.

                          A script will set a value to 1, to make it possible to have a double relationship: a one to many and a many to many, but without joinfile. This is the 'refresh' trigger to add new words to the 'list to show hyperlinks'.


                          Now you have a link between the words in the dictionary table and the possible words in the textfiled.


                          Corresponding words are set to 'Hyperlink' view with the recursive CF.


                          Users have to highlight the 'hyperlink' word in the text (simple double click), activate the navigation script (which is basically a GTRR step), to show in a floating window the details of the given word from the dictionary table.


                          As I said, drawback is that the user has to 'highlight' and 'click'.....


                          But it works with native FileMaker features and without plug-in.....

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                            Hi JeanWM,


                            My apologies for not replying sooner; had a holiday break.


                            Thank you for your detailed description, am about to try it out and will let you know how it works!